Welcome to the NorthWest Country Cousins  

    The Northwest Country Cousins is an amateur radio-directed net that meets each evening on or near the frequency 3968 kHz at 7:00 PM pacific local time.

Mission Statement:
         The Country Cousins Net is an international group of amateur radio operators recognized by the ARRL and dedicated to serving and helping our fellow man. We are not a traffic handling net but we will handle any emergency traffic without delay. Our motto: Service and help to all mankind. When in need, call a country cousin.

          On this site, you will find our group photos, health, and welfare.  Please check out upcoming events on the  events page. You can also find out how to become a member, check out who our net officers and net controls are see our membership roster, and a whole lot more.  Our old website NW7CC.net is no longer and Facebook group page and all links are on the side of this page. Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy it. And be sure to send us a line and let us know what you think of the website on the contact page and any info we need to be aware of.  Thanks, Paul KF7HMS

Here is the two SDR's when the band goes bad this winter you can hear the net Utah web SDR is http://websdr1.sdrutah.org/index1a.html?tune=3937lsb and the California SDR link:
If you tried before and could not get to the page the link is now fixed because of high demand, we have a new Facebook group page here is the link Facebook page please email me and let me know if you want to join so I don't miss you foxtrotacres8181@gmail.com thanks, Paul
TAKE A LOOK AT GABEE GIRLS KE7ADN'S ANTENNA FARM CLICK ON HER PHOTO TO                                                            SEE THEM